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Good design is good business
11 Jul

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That is correct to say "Good design is good business".
If you have a good product to introduce to your market, but the design does not catch the eyes of consumers, so it is difficult to sell. And oppositely, if you have a product with perfect design, but poor quality, then customers only come to you once. You still cannot sell.

Training in fire Prevention and fighting
19 Sep

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On September 11, 2020, Rita Food and Drink Co., Ltd cooperated with fire prevention and fighting police to drill the fire prevention and treatment. The rehearsal has the participation of 2 specialized fire trucks, 07 fire-fighting police and more than 350 employees.

11 Jul

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Rita Company has cooperated with Hoan Hao Hospital to organize a periodic health examination of 2020 for all employees at the company today. The organization of periodic health check helps employees to know the health situation, detect early and prevent diseases.

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